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Simple and easy to use
Optimal education tools realized through s design that emphasizes comfort in the hand,
legibility, and usability through the pursuit of simplicity.

Natural Textbook Display
Features Natural Textbook Display format for displaying
equations and calculation result just as they appear in textbooks.

Authentic quality
Excellent quality and authentication ensure confidence and
peace of mind for use in educational settings.

Main functions
Random integers
Fraction calculations
Combination and permutation
Statistics (List-based STAT data editor, standard deviation, regression analysis)
9 variables
Table function
Comes with new slide-on hard case
Equation calculations
Integration/differential calculations
Matrix calculations
Vector calculations
Complex number calculations
CALC function
SOLVE function
Base-n calculation


- Non Programmable - Vector
- Number of Functions : 417 - List based STAT-data editor
- Natural textbook display - AAA-size Battery
- AAA × 1 (R03) - Differentiation
- 10 + 2 digits - Non Graphing
- Dot matrix display - Matrix
- Multi-replay - Equation
- Plastic keys - Integration
- Basic Statistics - Metric conversion function
- Basic Mathematical Functions - Complex number calculation
- Table Generation - Size of case :161.5 × 77.0 × 13.8mm
- Base-n calculation - Total weight : 105g


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